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GerryBookiPadWhen lifelong friends Jaco, Ralph and Rusty meet up for a rare reunion, they learn what each did in the missing years. When Rusty brings out a precious stone, a fascinating tale ensues of one of the largest discoveries of precious stones and metal in war-torn Central Africa decades ago.

Hungry for adventure and in need of finding a solution to their current financial predicament, the three friends set off to retrieve a huge cache of treasure from the jungle, where the rest of the scoop was hidden.

Challenges and unexpected events ensue as the unlikely treasure-hunting trio embark on a modern treasure hunt that turns into the adventure of a lifetime.

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This super fun adventure instantly transported me in summer time. It is not just that the plot is set in Africa, it is the whole setting and atmosphere of larger-than-life book, the kind of book I usually read on the beach during vacation. It is not summer where I am now, but this kind of a literary escape is more than welcome.

The plot revolves around treasure hunt that the three main characters are attempting, nothing more and nothing less. There is plenty of action, fast paced fun, entertaining dialogues and likeable characters here. I love that the three heroes are men in their seventies, it is cool to see elderly men as heroes in action packed story. It would be great to see a movie based on this book, I can already see Harrison Ford as Rusty, tearing it up along the river in Congo. Ridiculously likeable and enjoyable book, don’t miss it.


The Power Of Seventy is a book filled with adventure and challenges. The story revolves around three friends who reunite after a long time and share their lifetime stories and then set to look for hidden treasure in dark and dangerous Central Africa jungle. Their search for treasure journey is long, risky and challenging. The mission is impossible, but they are determined to do it.

The plot is thoughtful and the author has added humor at times and it’s built on the base of friendship, trust, reliability, determination and thoughtfulness. The pace is good and flows well with interesting dialogues and great description shows author knowledge of the chosen environment. From start to finish it is a ride of fun and action with mystery that keep’s the interest going.

Mia C.

The Power of Seventy” is a novel written by Gerard Colenbrander, born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Gerard spent most of his twenties travelling and living many experiences; he is an adventurous man and some of his former adventures inspired him to fill the pages of this book.

The plot of this book centers on three friends who after reunited find out about a treasure and then the adventure and story really begins. What to do? How to carry the treasure back home? How to cope with the challenges they should face? These are some of the questions the reader and the characters ask throughout the novel.

I enjoyed reading this, it is written vividly and you can make up a mental picture of it all. I would recommend reading it, especially to adults because I believe this gives you enthusiasm to do something different from time to time.

JoJo Maxson

The Power of Seventy portrays the adventure and anxiety Gerard Colenbrander must have felt while traveling Africa. Although this is a fun novel the adrenaline was always on, not knowing what was roaming the jungle or river.

Ralph sits Rusty down and asks simple questions that open his mind about that day, many years ago, when he buried his treasure in the jungle. After fifty years rivers can change their shape, storms can uproot trees, and who knew if you could even find the markings you left on the tree to mark where your treasure was buried.

This whole book was fun, but my favorite part was the times Rusty and his fellow soldiers would scare each other with the Cannibal and pigmy stories. Surprising no one got shot while they jumped out at each other in fun. They certainly took it seriously when they were surrounded by a tribal group beating their drums for an hour.


Fantastic storyline and creatively written. This novel is in the classic African adventure genre.

Amazon Customer

What an adventure! Refreshing storyline, clearly well researched and a very witty plot. The reader is kept guessing at every twist in the tale. The main characters become increasingly endearing as the story unfolds…

Sias Bothma (Author of Behind Closed Doors)

For a first timer, I give you ten out of ten.

Sarah Chippendale

This book was an absolutely riveting read, and seamlessly merged fact, adventure, wit and humour. I generally do not enjoy fiction, however this tale had me on the edge of my (bed) from beginning to end. I thought the characters were incredibly well developed and round. Would highly recommend!

Sheila Needham

Warm-hearted, superbly crafted adventure with African roots. This lovely story shows the depth of long-standing friendships, trust and reliability on each other, seen through mature eyes with young-at-heart demeanour. Companionable and highly amusing chitchat with excellent descriptions of ‘the plan’, and the exciting background leading up to and the execution. It is quite an enthralling geography excursion interspersed with great humour and understanding, mystery and goodwill. The final outcome is very heart-warming and in an unsuspected location, again filled with acts of kindness and humour. When one closes the final chapter, it is like biding a group of friends a fond farewell and wishing them success in their already planned future endeavours.

L.B. South Africa

This book is not in my regular genre, but I found it very enjoyable. The characters are realistic and the story a true page turner. Looking forward to reading Gerard Colenbrander’s next book.

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About the Author

Gerard Colenbrander

Born in Johannesburg 1942, the author spent many years traveling in his twenties. These travels took him around the world and included some vivid adventures. The first few chapters in the book The Power of Seventy relate to some of his first experiences whilst travelling in Africa, some of which were recorded in books and included in a movie. With an interest in aircraft, he and a friend decided to acquire crop duster licences from a flying school in the USA. The idea was to travel through Europe, by ship to Canada then overland to the Nevada flying school. They reached Iceland where after 3 months plans were changed and Gerard ended back in Denmark, where he and a friend bought a Combi, converted it into a camper, and set off to drive to Australia. During this 4 month odyssey Gerard performed as a second in a western movie filmed on the Isle of Ibiza, and again as an extra on the set involving Hayley Mills and Trevor Howard at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. Subsequent to these travels, he was called back to South Africa to manage and develop a family owned sugar farm. This was successfully accomplished and following the sale of the farm, he embarked on a series of businesses – a few disasters and others successful ventures.

A widower with 3 sons in professional capacities, Gerard co-founded the now well known Highstakes Venue Conference and Activity centre on a farm near Cato Ridge. He is busy with another book.


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